Frequently asked questions

Our services are for employees in a private company, excluding agriculture, and to students in work/ study training programmes who work and study in different cities. You simply need to be hired or recruited which entails a change in primary residency or the need for a second home. In that case, our services can be paid for with Mobili-Pass aid, provided by Action Logement, which can take care, financially, of the entire service, until the signing of the lease.

In order to benefit from this, you must meet these four requirements:
  • Be employed by a private company, excluding agriculture, of at least 10 employees
  • Live at least 70 kilometres (more than 40 miles) or 1H15 away in public transport from your new workplace
  • Have been hired or recruited less than six months ago
  • Have not benefited from the Mobili-Pass by Action Logement in the past two years

We will make sure that you meet all the criteria before we start the process.

N.B: We can also help employees in agriculture through Action Logement’s Agri-Mobility plan, if they meet the aforementioned requirements. If this is the case, the company must employ more than 50 people.
The company you work at must employ a minimum of 10 people to be able to benefit from Action Logement’s Mobili-Pass, which pays for our entire service.

However, we can also provide paid services if you do not meet the requirements needed in order to obtain Action Logement’s Mobili-Pass. Contact us for more information by phone : (+33) 05 57 21 50 44 or send us an email at
From looking for accommodation to signing the lease, our services are financially taken care of by Action Logement’s Mobili-Pass, if you meet the requirements. If this is the case, you have nothing to pay in advance or reimburse : It’ll be free of charge for you and your company.
Once we’ve had a chance to discuss your needs and made sure you were eligible for Action logement’s Mobili-Pass aid, your application is passed on to one of our Mobility consultants – real estate professionals working in your future city.

Thanks to their expertise and network, they will handle your housing search from A to Z: from putting together the lease application to signing the lease, including visits which they can carry out remotely or with you. Our mobility consultant adapts to fit your requirements, but also your future city’s property market, with a duty to get results and positive feedback once everything is settled.
We will offer you a wide variety of accommodation depending on your personal situation and the real-estate market. We look at property portfolios in the private and social sector. Once we know what you want and your lease application is ready, we can offer you a selection of properties that fit your requirements.
Only employees in the private sector, excluding agriculture, and work/study training programme students who work away from home can benefit from the Mobili-Pass aid. Interns are therefore not concerned.
A work/study training programme student is eligible for Mobili-Pass aid thanks to their professional training contract with their company, giving them an employee status.
If they do not have a guarantor, we can provide a VISALE guarantee – a rental guarantee granted by Action Logement – or a private guarantee such as Garantme.
Within the Mobili-pass d’Action Logement framework, we are able to help an employee until 6 months after their recruitement/relocation date, which may be extended by the training period if there is one. After 4 months, you are therefore still eligible to receive our help.
If your company is part of the non-agricultural private sector and has at least 10 employees, you can call us at (+33) 05 57 21 50 44 or send us an email : We can discuss this together to help your employees relocate under the best possible conditions!
With the experience and expertise developed over the years, we are able to offer other services to the employees that we help, starting with the spouse’s job search. We mobilise all our network and advice to encourage the hiring of the person accompanying you in order to make your arrival, a new beginning!

We can also coordinate your move, with the help of partnerships with companies that grant us access to attractive prices, spread over 12 months, and with which we have built trusting relationships.

For other services, contact us! Give us a call (+33) 05 57 21 50 44 or send us an email :