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Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is aimed at private sector employees and students who are in an apprenticeship and are facing geographical mobility due to a job relocation or the need for a second home. In this specific case, our services can be funded through the Mobili-Pass assistance of Action Logement, which provides complete coverage for our assistance until the lease is signed.

To be eligible, the four following criteria must be met:

– Be an employee of a non-farming private sector company with a minimum of 10 employees;
– Live at a minimum of 70 kilometers or 1 hour 15 minutes away by public transport from the new workplace;
– Have been hired or relocated within the last 6 months;
– Have not received Mobili-Pass assistance from Action Logement in the last two years.

We verify that these conditions are met before starting our service. Note: we can also assist agricultural employees under the Agri-Mobilité assistance of Action Logement, with the same eligibility criteria, but the company must have a minimum of 50 employees in that case.

Due to the Mobili-Pass assistance from Action Logement offering full financial support for our services, your company must have a minimum of 10 employees in order to benefit from it. However, if you are not eligible for the Mobili-Pass assistance from Action Logement, we can still provide paid services. Feel free to contact us at 05 57 21 50 44 or by email at

Our housing search service, up until the signing of the lease, is fully financed by the Mobili-Pass assistance program from Action Logement, provided you are eligible. In this case, you will not have to advance, pay, or reimburse anything: it will be completely free for both you and your company.

Once the initial contact is established and eligibility for the Mobili-Pass assistance from Action Logement is verified, the request is forwarded to one of our mobility consultants, a professional in the local real estate sector, located in the geographic area where you will be arriving. With their expertise and network, they will handle your housing search from A to Z: from preparing your rental application to signing the lease, including conducting remote or accompanied property viewings. Our mobility consultant adapts to your requirements, as well as the arrival real estate market, with a commitment to achieving results and ensuring your satisfaction at the end of your assistance.

The housing options that you qualify for depend on the circumstances of your personal situation and the real estate market. We conduct research in both private and public housing sectors. Once we have collected your criteria and completed your rental application, we will be able to offer you properties that match your requirements.

The Mobili-Pass assistance is only applicable to non-agricultural private sector employees and apprentices in professional geographic mobility situations. Therefore, trainees are not affected.

An alternating student may be eligible for Mobili-Pass assistance because they also have the status of an employee within the company that employs them under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract. If they do not have a physical guarantor, we can offer them a VISALE guarantee, a rental guarantee granted by Action Logement, or a private guarantee such as Garantme.

As part of the Mobili-Pass assistance program from Action Logement, we are able to support an employee for up to six months after their recruitment or transfer date, including the trial period if there is one. Therefore, after four months, you are still eligible for our support.

If your private non-farm business has at least 10 employees, please contact us at 05 57 21 50 44 or by email at and we can discuss together to help you welcome your employees in professional mobility in the best possible conditions! PS: If your company is in the agricultural sector, a minimum of 50 employees will be required to benefit from funding for our service.

With our experience and expertise developed over the years, we are able to offer other services to employees that we support, starting with help for their spouse’s employment. We put all our network and advice at your service to facilitate the hiring of the person who accompanies you to make your arrival a fresh start!

We can also coordinate your move thanks to partnerships with companies that allow us to access advantageous rates smoothed over the year, with whom we have built a relationship of trust.

For other services, do not hesitate to contact us on 05 57 21 50 44 or by email at